Road trip gaming is still the OG of in-car entertainment. It's not as flashy as infotainment or smart devices, but it's fun and wonderfully time-consuming. What in-car games should you play during your next road trip? Our Brighton, CO Johnston Auto Plaza team members have a few recommendations.

20 Questions

It's old school, but it never gets old and continues to be fun for both adults and children. For the classic 20 Questions game, one player thinks of something. It could be an object, person, thing, or event. Using 20 closed-end questions the other players have to guess who/what/where.

Guess the City

Kind of like 20 questions, this game also uses questions to determine a "secret" answer. Players draw from a deck of cards containing names of cities. Other players, using questions, try to determine the city in question. Each deck includes the world’s greatest cities, such as Egypt, Rome, and Paris.

Cow on My Side

Participants get points for saying "Cow on my side!" after spotting cows in a field on their side of the road. Like a lot of road trip games, this one is a game of observation wrapped up in a fun, simple competition.

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