The Buick Enclave's Premium Cabin

Buick has hit a home run with its 2020 Enclave. The Enclave has a redesigned cabin with improved seating, spacing and amenities. It all begins with the leather seats. The premium leather accentuates the cabin’s interior lining. The SUV comfortably seats seven passengers over three rows. The second row has sliding seats for effortless loading of passengers and cargo.

The second row features an empty forward-facing child seat with the LATCH system. Its brushed-chrome accents highlight the cabin, especially with the rear seats embedded with customized technology

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Chevrolet Suburban Technology Features

The Chevrolet Suburban is one of the vehicles that will allow you to ride in luxury. Not only can you ride in luxury, but you will also be able to enjoy technology. You can listen to your favorite tunes because this vehicle has a six-speaker audio system. It also has Android and Apple CarPlay. 

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